Would I Lie to You? Australia on 10 – Is Courtney talking fact or Is It an act? on Monday, 20 March at 8:40pm on 10 and 10 Play.

Next Monday,host Chrissie Swan and Team Captains Charlie Pickering and Frank Woodley will lead a panel of famous faces on Would I Lie To You?,the show with so many wild truths, it’s unbelievable.

On Frank’s team is drag and entertainment icon, Courtney Act and comedy king, Peter Helliar while Charlie has called in comedic legends Nath Valvo and Steph Tisdell. Both teams will tactfully spin some truly tricky tales.

Did Nath actually become unrecognisable after performing an illegal medical procedure on himself and does Courtney really have a complicated relationship with her sewing machine?

Would I Lie To You? – Monday, 20 March At 8:40pm. On 10 And 10 Play.

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Would I Lie to You? Australia on 10