Married at First Sketch

We Interrupt This Broadcast splits the I do’s and don’ts of sketch comedy

Load up on laughs with We Interrupt This Broadcast, a long-overdue comedy series coming soon to Channel 7 and 7plus.

The biggest new comedy in decades, We Interrupt This Broadcast makes fun of Australia’s favourite (and least favourite) shows. Fall in love at first sketch with MAFS, reject a rose from The Bachelor, squeeze into your Skims with The Kardashians and prepare to declare to Border Security.

Nothing is off limits as We Interrupt This Broadcast reboots and revitalises a long-standing and near forgotten Australian tradition: taking the piss out of everything, including ourselves! 

We Interrupt This Broadcast showcases eight of Australia’s most seasoned live performers and versatile comedy talent: Christie Whelan Browne, Bridie Connell, Michelle Brasier, Adele Vuko, Duncan Fellows, Greg Larsen, Ben Russell and Bjorn Stewart, with celebrated screen actors and established comedy performers supporting the ensemble cast throughout the series.

Sounds sketchy? When asked why reality TV and popular culture is so ripe for parody now, Duncan declared: “Reality TV is in constant need of parody but to its credit, it does a really good job at parodying itself.” Christie agreed that they’ve “become a parody of themselves”.  

Greg divulged: “Because it’s soft when you squeeze it but not so soft that the skin breaks or turns mushy.” Ben added: “I don’t enjoy the word ‘ripe’ and kindly ask you to refrain from mentioning it again!”

We Interrupt This Broadcast is a HELIUM original production for the Seven Network.

We Interrupt This Broadcast – Coming soon to Channel 7 and 7plus

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