Yakka: Australia at Work on ABC – The final episode of the series, AT YOUR SERVICE, is about two things: women and the services industry.

Today, women are dominant in the Australian workplace because they are equipped intellectually and in terms of skills, to take advantage of an economy which is more about brains than brawn.

In this episode we explore how women fought against misogyny to secure jobs, campaigned against laws barring married women from working in the public service and took advantage of the rise of the services industry and the professions to dominate the contemporary workplace.

Hand-in-hand with the rise of women in the workplace is the changing nature of that workplace. From the 1980s onwards, technology transformed how we worked and the emphasis was now on education and skills and less on manual abilities. The time of the tradie was over. Finally, the workplace revolution was one no-one saw coming: the COVID-19 Pandemic. With it, we no longer needed to be tied to that location which had come to symbolize the modern workplace – the office.

Production credit: A Wildbear Entertainment production. Financed with the assistance of National Museum of Australia, ANU Australian Studies Institute, National Archives of Australia. Financed with support from the ACT Government and Screen Canberra. Series Producer Mike Bluett. Executive Producers: Alan Erson, Dr Holly Trueman, Serge Ou. ABC Executive Producers Leo Faber and Madeleine Hawcroft.

Yakka: Australia at Work on ABC and ABC iview – Tuesday 12 December, 2023 at 9.00pm

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Yakka: Australia at Work on ABC