This documentary series follows real-life shipwreck hunters as they uncover the gripping stories behind the most fascinating wrecks in the world’s oceans.

Series One, Episode One: Assassins Of The Deep

This episode explores three different German U-Boat wrecks from the WWI and WWII with marine archaeologist Dr Innes McCartney. In the story of UC66, we learn how it was the first German U-Boat to be sunk by a plane. In the story of U-Boat U87, we hear how it was sunk after it was rammed by an Allied ship. The final story follows the sinking of U-Boat U480, the world’s first stealth sub.

Wrecks That Changed The World – New Series Premiere – Friday, 24 February at 7.30pm on SBS and SBS on Demand (10 Parts)