World’s Best Electric Cars on SBS Viceland – Alexis Conran investigates how the world is gearing up to make the switch from diesel and petrol to electric cars.

As climate change concerns overcome many people, and governments move to phase out petrol and diesel cars by 2030, this one-hour special addresses all the questions that motorists looking to make the switch are asking.

How far can electric cars go? Should I be worried about running out of charge?

Why do electric cars cost so much? How can I charge up an electric car at home?

With lots to take away for car buyers and drivers, this documentary is a fun and informative look at the way the second most valuable purchase we ever make is rapidly changing.

World’s Best Electric Cars on SBS Viceland and SBS on Demand – Premiere – Sunday, 4 February at 8.30pm

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World's Best Electric Cars on SBS Viceland