Who Do You Think You Are? UK on SBS – The UK version of this beloved documentary series takes viewers on a personal journey into the pasts of celebrities, sharing their emotion and surprise as they uncover the stories that lie at the heart of their family history.

Season Eighteen, Episode Three: Matt Lucas

Comedian, presenter and actor Matt Lucas had an exceptionally close bond with his late grandmother, Margot, who came to the UK in 1939 as a Jewish refugee from Nazi Germany.

Matt has never fully understood what Margot experienced as a young woman in Berlin in the lead up to the Second World War – or what became of the close-knit extended family she left behind.

Matt’s poignant journey takes him to Berlin, and then to Amsterdam where he discovers an extraordinary connection to Anne Frank, as well as the fate of his many family members who had fled to neutral Holland and now found themselves trapped as the country was invaded by the Germans.

Who Do You Think You Are? UK on SBS and SBS on Demand – New Episode – Tuesday, 12 December at 7.30pm (8 Parts)

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Who Do You Think You Are? UK on SBS