While the Men Are Away on SBS – It’s 1940s Australia. As you probably know, there’s a ruddy massive war on, so a lot of the men are away for a bit.

This is unsettling, but also pretty exciting for anyone who isn’t a man. Frankie is left in charge of her suffering farm after her husband is sent to war (or was he?). She enlists Gwen and Esther, the freshly joined city-recruits of the Women’s Land Army to join herself, local Indigenous farmhand Kathleen, and certified coward Robert.

This is a show about people who don’t normally hold the reins of power. It’s about five individuals who find each other, and for a glorious moment in time, sample a life tinged with promise, hope and acceptance. And once they taste it, it’s impossible to go back.

Episode Seven:

Our gang experiences life as it could be, without friction – and when it’s under threat, realise some things are worth fighting for.

Episode Eight:

As the war creeps ever closer, our gang struggles

While The Men Are Away on SBS and SBS on Demand – SBS Original Series – Final Episode – Wednesday, 18 October at 8.30pm (8 Parts)

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While the Men Are Away on SBS