Vigil on SBS – When a crew member is found dead on board Trident nuclear submarine, HMS VIGIL, Detective Amy Silva is called to investigate. The catch?

The UK’s nuclear deterrent must remain unbroken, so the submarine stays on patrol and Amy must join the crew to investigate. When Detective Kirsten Longacre’s investigation on land leads to tragedy it becomes clear that these two deaths are part of a coordinated attack. Kirsten makes powerful enemies when she unearths a top-secret cover up, but, when a significant arrest reveals a grave threat to Vigil, the forces must work together to save Vigil and her crew.

Series One, Episode Three:

Kirsten believes the murders were part of a coordinated attack. Her investigation takes her into the heart of Scottish politics, and the Naval cover up of a near catastrophe in the U.S. Amy starts to question who she can trust on Vigil, when a message from Kirsten makes Amy realise she is being deliberately undermined.

Vigil – New Episode – Thursday, 23 March at 9.40pm on SBS and SBS on Demand (6 Parts)

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