Vice on SBS Viceland – The Emmy® winning documentary series returns for a new season of visceral reporting on culturally relevant issues from around the world.

From the biggest headlines to daring topics not often covered by other mainstream media outlets, VICE balances investigative journalism with a relentless pursuit of great stories at any cost.

Episode One: Syrian Aftershock and Almost Intelligent

Hind Hassan travels to northwest Syria, a country split by a violent civil war and now devastated by a natural disaster, to meet with earthquake survivors and investigate why more wasn’t done to help them. Krishna Andavolu dives into the tech underpinning the current AI explosion, called generative AI.

Episode Two: Lynching For God & Backgrounded

Isobel Yeung travels to Pakistan to meet the religious hardliners encouraging the killing of blasphemers without trial or mercy. Alzo Slade speaks to both renters and landlords to find out how the criminal justice system and an unregulated background check industry complicates housing access.

Vice on SBS Viceland and SBS on Demand – New Season Premiere – Monday, 16 October at 10.35pm (7 parts)

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Vice on SBS Viceland