United We Drive on SBS Viceland – United We Drive explores the unique ways genuine friendships have been forged over a shared love of collector cars.

Series One, Episode One: Unlikely Friendships

In the Bay Area and Houston, a love of classic cars leads to some unlikely friendships; including a bond between an 80-year-old truck driver from Alabama and a young executive.

Series One, Episode Two: Time for Healing

Classic cars move people in unexpected ways: in Nashville, we meet a couple of neighbours who didn’t speak, until a car spoke for them; and in San Francisco, a convertible Chevelle bonded a clothing tycoon and an electrician to fight Asian hate.

United We Drive – New Series Premiere – Sunday, 10 September at 5.30pm on SBS Viceland and SBS on Demand (2 Parts)

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United We Drive on SBS Viceland