Under the Vines on ABC – Louis’ reunion with his family is underwhelming, while at Oakley, Daisy informs Gus and Tippy of her plans to have the vineyard represented in the Behind the Vines showcase, to mixed response.

Daisy approaches Hilary and Nic for information on the event but is not entirely thrilled with what she learns. Tippy struggles with confidence while Gus’ inability to master the art of the haggle leads Daisy to a negotiation with the attractive Ben; only to discover she may be flirting with the enemy.

Meanwhile at Oakley, disaster hits when Rowan, Julian and Paige wreak havoc and a livid Louis’ reaction leads Julian to a rash decision. Louis seeks advice from Daisy on how to repair his relationship with Simone, only to disregard it after further conversation with Gus. Full of high hopes he plans a grand gesture but doesn’t receive the response he hopes for.

Don offers Louis the drunken advice of an unwise man, which leads to an intoxicated declaration. And a conversation with Julian yields information that surprises Daisy, leading her to offer relationship advice to Simone, which leaves Louis less than impressed.

Production Credit: Libertine Pictures & EQ Media

Under the Vines – Saturday 25 March, 2023 at 8:20pm on ABC and ABC iview (episode 3 of 6 in season 1)

Note: The show will screen at 11:20pm in NSW due to election coverage

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