Under the Vines on ABC – The Oakley crew go on a bus trip to Queenstown to support Tippy at the festival she’s speaking at. But when Daisy kindly donates her flash hotel room to pregnant Nic and Vic, she and Louis end up sharing a dodgy motel room.

Louis overhears Philippe arguing with another vintner and it confirms his suspicion that Philippe has been duplicitous before. Louis and Daisy plot to expose Philippe, but having overheard them, Tippy does it first after delivering a perfect Mihi.

They celebrate at the dinner afterwards which turns into a long drunken night. Returning to their shared motel room, Daisy and Louis’s inhibitions are lowered and they start a fumbling embrace.

Production Credit: Libertine Pictures & EQ Media

Under the Vines on ABC and ABC iview – Friday 1 December, 2023 at 8.30

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Under the Vines on ABC