Under the Vines on ABC – Facing financial pressures, Oakley Wines invite the Bank Manager Mr. Talbot (Phil Peleton) and his wife over for show and tell. It all goes well until Mr. Talbot asks them if they’ll look after his prize turkey while he’s away for a few days.

Life becomes complicated when the turkey disappears. To make matters worse, a frost is coming that night and the turkey causes their frost-fighting fan to explode.

So Tippy (Trae Te Wiki) goes old school by heating the vineyard with flaming frost pots and some help from the whole community. The grapes are saved and so is Oakley’s bacon when the original David Bowie miraculously appears when the Talbots come to pick him up.

Production credit: Libertine Pictures & EQ Media

Under the Vines on ABC and ABC iview – Friday 17 November, 2023 at 8.30pm

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Under the Vines on ABC