Treasures of India with Bettany Hughes on SBS – Seasoned adventurer, author and historian, Professor Bettany Hughes, alongside local experts and academics, takes viewers through her curated selection of Indian treasures.

Travelling through this diverse country from North to South across two hour-long episodes, she discovers the fascinating past of this epically beautiful sub-continent.

Bettany journeys through temples and palaces, exploring the latest finds in vast archaeological sites, immersing herself in local festivals and traditions, to reveal the histories and traditions that make India unique.

Episode One: The North

Bettany’s journey starts in one of the holiest cities of the subcontinent – Varanasi.

Hindus believe that dying in Varanasi and being cremated along the Ganges riverbanks allows the cycle of rebirth to be broken and salvation to become possible.

Bettany is mesmerised by the multitude of pilgrims who gather every day on the sacred ghats to perform acts of devotion.

Given a unique opportunity to take part in a Hindu ritual Bettany can process her own recent bereavement.

Treasures of India With Bettany Hughes on SBS and SBS on Demand – New Series Premiere – Sunday, 5 November at 7.30pm

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Treasures of India with Bettany Hughes on SBS