Total Control on ABC – Starring two titans of the screen, Deborah Mailman and Rachel Griffiths, the gripping third and final instalment of this acclaimed political drama is not to be missed.

It’s been a tumultuous two years since outsider turned kingmaker, Alex Irving (Deborah Mailman) anointed Paul Murphy (Wayne Blair) as Australia’s first Aboriginal Prime Minister. Since then, the government has weathered a summer of bushfires, a global pandemic, mounting debt, and the tide of public sentiment turning against them.

When part of Alex’s electorate is hit by once in a century floods, she takes the disaster response into her own hands, using the media and a chance meeting with billionaire Kathleen Sloane, to make a pointed criticism of the government.

Meanwhile, Rachel (Rachel Griffiths) fronts the enquiry into the deaths of Marcie McClain and Jessica Clarke where she will finally have to answer to allegations of misconduct. In a deft moment of public relations, Rachel will turn the moment to her advantage and join Alex’s push for youth justice reform.

Later Rachel delivers a rousing speech outlining her vision for the future of Australian democracy. But when a journalist friend from Rachel’s past reappears, a looming scandal threatens everything she’s worked for.

Production credit: A Blackfella Films production. Major production investment from the ABC and Screen Australia. Financed with support from Screen NSW with Screen ACT and VicScreen. Producers Darren Dale and Erin Bretherton. Executive Producers Rachel Griffiths and Stuart Page. ABC Executive Producer Kelrick Martin. International Distributor is All3Media International.

Total Control on ABC and ABC iview – Sunday 14 January, 2024 at 8.30pm

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Total Control on ABC