Total Control on ABC – Looking to address his issues before the imminent arrival of his first child, Charlie (Rob Collins) sees a counsellor at the Aboriginal Medical Service. On edge after the session, Charlie unleashes at Paul (Wayne Blair) for being an utter disappointment of a PM.

Alex (Deborah Mailman) rebuffs Joely’s (Steph Tisdell) suggestion that she tell Charlie and Eddie (Wesley Patten) about her health condition. Although she is supposed to be recovering after her surgery, Alex instead presses on with her mission to pass the youth justice reform package by partnering with her political enemy Damien Bauer (Anthony Hayes).

Rachel (Rachel Griffiths) asks Marion (Catherine McClements) not to pursue the corruption story but millions of dollars of dark money has been funnelled into politics, and Marion is determined to expose it. She offers Rachel one of her findings – a story that will destroy Helena Rossi’s (Anita Hegh) career. Later, Alex’s political career is left in tatters when Rachel reveals the truth about the think tank and its links to the deaths of Marcie and Jess.

Production credit: A Blackfella Films production. Major production investment from the ABC and Screen Australia. Financed with support from Screen NSW with Screen ACT and VicScreen. Producers Darren Dale and Erin Bretherton. Executive Producers Rachel Griffiths and Stuart Page. ABC Executive Producer Kelrick Martin. International Distributor is All3Media International.

Total Control on ABC and ABC iview – Sunday 4 February, 2024 at 8.30pm

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Total Control on ABC