With a looming Brexit vote wreaking havoc across the British political landscape, tensions are high for activist Matthew Collins (Stephen Graham) and his advocacy group Hope Not Hate, who fear a violent, racist campaign from the British far-right.

And when a number of Islamist-related terrorist attacks rip through the British public in 2017, right-wing extremist group, National Action sense an opportunity.

When MP Jo Cox (Bryony Corrigan) is murdered in the street by a right-wing fanatic, National Action decide this is the moment to avenge the ‘downfall of white society’ in Britain, and plan to escalate a terrifying situation into a full-blown race war.

Series One, Episode Five:

‘Walk-In’ Robbie Mullen must face his former friends from National Action in court. The right-wing terrorists are accused of plotting to murder an MP but the case will stand or fall on Mullen’s attempt to paint himself as a reformed character.

The Walk-In – Final Episode – Thursday, 2 March at 9.20pm on SBS and SBS on Demand (5 Parts)