The Platypus Guardian on ABC – Peter Walsh faces a challenge when he’s diagnosed with a brain injury. He finds solace by the Hobart rivulet, where he meets a platypus named Zoom.

After finding Zoom tangled in plastic, Pete realises that the platypus are in trouble. With the help of experts, Pete explores the rivulet’s health and gets to know the platypus population, revealing intimate details about their lives.

When bulldozers and a flash flood on the rivulet cause Zoom to disappear, Pete launches a grassroots conservation effort to engage the community and save his platypus friends before it’s too late.

With stunning natural history footage, The Platypus Guardian captures unique, never-before-seen footage of one of the world’s weirdest animals, revealing a secret magical world that exists in the shadow of the city and Pete’s race against time to save it.

Production credit: A WildBear Entertainment Production. Principal production funding from Screen Australia in association with Screen Tasmania. Financed with support from Content Mint. Executive Producer: Chadden Hunter, Director/Producer: Nick Hayward, Producer: Fraser Johnston. ABC Executive Producer: Leo Faber.

The Platypus Guardian – Tuesday 13 June, 2023 at 8:30pm on ABC and ABC iview

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The Platypus Guardian on ABC