The Newsreader on ABC – A year on from the events of series one, we meet Helen Norville (Anna Torv) and Dale Jennings (Sam Reid), now established as ‘The Golden Couple of News’… To the outside world, they present a glowing image of success and romance… But the truth is more complex.

Episode 6

It’s the biggest television event of the year, possibly the decade— Australia Day 1988, featuring a full re-enactment of the first fleet sailing into Sydney Harbour, ceremonies with Prince Charles and Princess Diana… and one of the biggest protests ever seen in Australia.

Amidst this, all our characters are hitting personal and professional cross-roads… Helen (Anna Torv) and Dale (Sam Reid) are under severe pressure to clarify their personal status to the world. But what to say? When Helen is offered a lucrative, dream contract to be an investigative reporter overseas, it only intensifies the urgency.

Production credit: A Werner Films Production for the ABC. Major production investment from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in association with VicScreen. Worldwide distribution is managed by Entertainment One (eOne). Created by Michael Lucas. Written by Michael Lucas, Kim Ho, Adrian Russell Wills and Niki Aken. Directed by Emma Freeman. Produced by Lucas and Joanna Werner. Executive Producers Werner, Stuart Menzies and Emma Freeman. ABC Executive Producers Brett Sleigh and Sally Riley.

The Newsreader on ABC TV and ABC iview – Sunday 15 October, 2023 at 8.30pm (season final)

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The Newsreader on ABC

The Newsreader on ABC
The Newsreader on ABC