The Messenger on ABC – Following the arrival of the Ace of Spades, Ed (William McKenna) begins to see the cards as his true calling. He could in fact be a Messenger.

The new ace delivers three news names, this time those of authors. With Ritchie’s nous and the help of the local library, Ed discovers a secret code within the books that translates to three new addresses – a rundown suburban house, a fancy Italian restaurant and a faded old cinema. Three new mysteries for Ed to solve.

With the help of Christmas, Ed manages to brighten the lives of one family and with the help of Audrey (Alexandra Jensen) brings life and love to an old movie buff. Neither can deny the chemistry growing between them, nor act on it. A complicated situation that’s made more complex when Audrey admits she’s moving away to go to university.

Ed focuses on the last remaining address where he finds his mother on a date with the local policeman. Ed confronts his mother and things spiral. Ed ends up taking out his hurt on Audrey in a move that just might wreck their connection for good.

Lost and alone, Ed realises he hasn’t ticked off anything on this card. He’s got it all wrong. He’s not a Messenger. He’s just another stupid human and he’s messed up bigtime.

The Messenger – Sunday 11 June, 2023 at 9.35pm on ABC and ABC iview

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The Messenger on ABC