The Good Ship Murder on SBS – Sun, sea and murder. Jack Grayling is an ex-copper now moonlighting as a cabaret singer on board a luxury Mediterranean cruise ship, where he finds himself solving a wave of murder mysteries.

Working alongside the ambitious, female First Officer Kate Woods and cheerful waiter Jamil, they soon become a formidable team of detectives.

As the ship sails into La Rochelle, Jack and Kate must quickly put their differences aside when a mysterious passenger is found dead.

While the mystery brings Jack and Kate closer, shrewd Jack somehow misses that Kate has a boyfriend, the prim and proper Second Officer Piers de Vresse. Kate wonders what would make a former cop become a lounge singer.

And on the ships final journey into Valetta, a golden opportunity means Jack must decide whether to abandon ship, and Kate must decide if she should give him a reason to stay, while celebrity passenger Vida Devine has a hit song to die for.

Episode Two: Lisbon

In Lisbon, the world’s most famous crime writer finds herself entangled in a murder mystery when her husband meets his untimely end, mirroring her newest novel. Can Jack and Kate unravel the devious plot and unmask the killer?

The Good Ship Murder on SBS and SBS on Demand – New Episode – Friday, 9 February at 7.35pm (8 Parts)

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The Good Ship Murder on SBS