The Future with Hannah Fry on SBS Viceland -The environment is in crisis, but a revolutionary new conservation concept offers hope for the future.

From the overgrown Fukushima exclusion zone, to the majestic redwood forests of California, Hannah Fry embarks on a journey into the wilderness to discover how championing nature could help to heal the environmental wounds we have inflicted on our planet.

Episode One: The 150 Year LIfe

The elixir of life has been sought for thousands of years. Today a scientific revolution has begun. Hannah joins bio-hackers in California, and a neuroscientist along the streets of Tokyo to experience the latest age-defying techniques and examines what it means to live to a healthy, happy old age. What will extended lifespans mean for society, and will the effort all be worthwhile in the end?

Episode Two: Emotional Recognition

Cars that can sense anger. Laptops that know if you’re bored. Can a new wave of artificial intelligence really read emotions better than a human? From a Scottish pig farm to the tech mecca of San Francisco, Hannah explores the latest artificial intelligence to figure out if the death of privacy could leave us exposed to greater threats or if a revolution in online investigative techniques could actually make our societies safer.

The Future With Hannah Fry on SBS Viceland and SBS on Demand -New Series Premiere – Saturday, 21 October at 6.40pm (6 parts)

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The Future with Hannah Fry on SBS Viceland