The Future with Hannah Fry on SBS Viceland – Do you want to know what your future holds? A life beyond 150 years old?

A world where computers can read our emotions? A planet transformed by unlimited clean energy? Mathematician Hannah Fry will explore these questions and more.

Episode Six: Can We Really Re-Wild the Planet

The environment is in crisis, but a revolutionary new conservation concept offers hope for the future.

From the overgrown Fukushima exclusion zone, to the majestic redwood forests of California, Hannah embarks on a journey into the wilderness to discover how championing nature could help to heal the environmental wounds we have inflicted on our planet.

The Future With Hannah Fry on SBS Viceland and SBS on Demand – Final Episode – Saturday, 4 November at 6.40pm (6 parts)

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The Future with Hannah Fry on SBS Viceland