The Dog Hospital with Graeme Hall on 10 –

Graeme Hall, best known for training badly behaved dogs in hit show Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly, embarks on a completely different journey in the canine world, going behind the scenes with exclusive access at Willows Hospital in four-part series, The Dog Hospital With Graeme Hall.

In episode two, a two-year-old Labrador’s life is on the line. Willow has been rushed to the hospital as an emergency because a severe infection has taken hold in her chest, leaving her struggling to breathe. Graeme is invited into surgery as the team try to find the cause of the infection.

Graeme then meets Miniature Dachshund Dotty and her inseparable owner Olivia. Dotty has developed an immune disorder which has caused blindness in her right eye. But the ophthalmology team are concerned that Dotty’s left eye is also showing signs of inflammation caused by the immune condition. Will they be able to do anything to save Dotty’s left eye to avoid total blindness?

Meanwhile, nine-year-old Golden Retriever Millie has been referred to the hospital with an unexplained mass in her chest. Graeme finds out from the specialists whether the tumour can safely be treated with modern technology.

The Dog Hospital with Graeme Hall on 10 and 10 Play – Thursday 8 February, 2024 at 8.30pm

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The Dog Hospital with Graeme Hall on 10