The Congregation on SBS – The Congregation is based on the true events of a small pentecostal community in Sweden in the early 2000s.

20-something Anna moves to the small town of Knutby to join the congregation, drawn by the charismatic pastors Eva and Sindre who are convinced that the Second Coming of Christ will occur right there, in their little town.

For Anna, the love and conviction makes her feel immediately at home and she is invited into the inner circle of the church – but soon the idyllic facade begins to disintegrate, revealing a web of intrigue that inevitably ends in tragedy.

Series One, Episode Four:

To help Sindre fight off the attacks from Satan, Eva asks Anna to move in with Sindre.

The Congregation – New Episode – Wednesday, 14 June at 11.05pm on SBS and SBS on Demand (6 Parts)

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The Congregation on SBS