Europe in the 1920s and 1930s – a continent licks its wounds after the devastation of WWI. In this fertile breeding ground for dissent, authoritarian regimes are on the rise.

The Abyss: Rise And Fall Of The Nazis takes a fresh look at the Third Reich from a global and current perspective. It tells us how the Nazis managed to conquer Germany and then half of Europe within a few years. How could that be, with the horrors of World War I still so fresh? Why did it take so long before they were stopped?

A combination of previously unpublished archive material, historic sources and an international team of experts paint a new picture of Hitler’s regime. The series unpicks the complex sequence of events that boosted a new regime, allowing violence and brutality to unfold on an unbelievable scale.

Episode Five: Hidden In Plain Sight (1935-1938)

In October 1934, around one million people are drawn to the Buckeberg in northern Germany. Hitler welcomes his ‘National Community’ for a celebration known as the Reichserntedankfest (National Thanksgiving Festival).

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