The ABC Of on ABC – This week on The ABC Of, David Wenham goes fishing in the ABC Archival life of Greig Pickhaver, who for more than 40 years has defined and defiled the Australian character with his inimitable alter ego, HG Nelson.

As Greig admits, HG always asks the questions and Roy always gives the answers. In The ABC Of, we see Greig without the cloak of his character, speaking openly about his inability to read due to dyslexia and how that has uniquely fuelled his love of language. Greig lets us into the inner workings of his professional partnership with John Doyle, he speaks passionately about what it means to be and sound Australian and reminds us that every part of life is, at its essence, sport.

The ABC Of is an interview series, hosted by actor David Wenham, in which a range of prominent Australians revisit their pasts through moments drawn from the vast ABC Archives.

The seven featured guests, all icons of one field or another, also include: former Prime Minister Julia Gillard, cricket legend Ian Chappell, performer and indigenous advocate Miranda Tapsell, actor Jack Thompson, comedian and broadcaster Wendy Harmer and feminist and intellectual Germaine Greer.

Each episode is a one-on-one conversation in which the questions are based on archival video clips. Before they sit down, the guests are unaware of the clips that have been chosen. In many cases, those clips travel past the choices you’d expect, the obvious markers of the guest’s CV, wending their way down delightful and surprising paths to footage that has not seen the light of day for decades.

Production credit: A Guesswork Television Production in association with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Executive Producers: Jon Casimir and Jo Long. ABC Commissioning Editor Julie Hanna.

The ABC Of – Tuesday 20 June, 2023 at 8:00pm on ABC and ABC iview

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The ABC Of on ABC
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