Tassie Tiger on the Rocks on SBS – Tassie Tiger on the Rocks takes audiences on a mesmerising journey around Australia, raising questions about the Tasmanian Tiger’s 25-million-year-old past, when Thylacines lived across the continent, and showing how Australia’s largest surviving marsupial predator co-existed with Australia’s First Peoples for many thousands of years.

This documentary goes in search of the traces of this mysterious animal. First Nations peoples have long known the animal as a presence interlinked with land and culture. In stunning landscapes where Thylacines once roamed, people from wide-ranging traditions share their experiences: First Nations artists, rangers and custodians; biologists, bone hunters and archaeologists.

Tassie Tiger on the Rocks on SBS and SBS on Demand – Friday 5 January, 2024 at 7.30pm

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Tassie Tiger on the Rocks on SBS