Sherwood on ABC – From multi-award-winning writer James Graham comes a politically pertinent thriller about a community torn apart by two shocking killings.

A complex political past means that the industrial villages around Sherwood Forest have often been divided communities. But when two local residents are killed, old wounds are reopened and the town is engulfed in tension and fear.

Soon everyone is under suspicion, neighbours are turning on neighbours, and no one can be trusted – especially not the authorities. It’s down to local police chief Ian and London met police officer Kevin to solve the case and unravel the lies. Can they put their own troubled history aside and help this fractured community heal?

Drawn from real-life events, Sherwood is a shockingly relevant thriller about a burgeoning lack of trust in local police and national government – and the way that supposedly long-buried political tensions can resurface to devastating effect.

In this episode, in a bid to protect those involved, Ian finds himself determined now more than ever to find the spy cop. The community attempts to heal in the wake of its loss.

Production Credit: House Productions for BBC

Sherwood on ABC and ABC iview – Friday 27 October, 2023 at 8.30pm (Season FInal)

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Sherwood on ABC

Sherwood on ABC