Tonight | Shakespeare and Hathaway on ABC TV – The PIs are intrigued when an anonymous message invites Frank (Mark Benton) to join a two-day Shakespearian walk telling him a crime will be committed.

Kitted up, Frank joins the other revellers outside Shakespeare’s church. They include squabbling couple Chen (Choy-Ling Man) and Ben (Paul Courtenay-Hyu) celebrating their 30th anniversary, divorcee Beverley (Yasmin Wilde) and Summer (Elizabeth Cadwallader), who catches Frank’s eye.

A gentle stroll soon takes a turn for the worse when Beverley has an allergic reaction and Summer twists her ankle on her quest to find help.

Back at their accommodation, an evening of drinking and dancing does everyone a world of good until the next day when they discover that one of their number has been murdered and that the prime suspect, much to the undisguised delight of Keeler (Tomos Eames), is Frank.

Can Lu (Jo Joyner) and Sebastian (Patrick Walshe McBride) crack the case and prove Frank’s innocence?

Production credit: A BBC Studios production for BBC

Shakespeare and Hathaway on ABC TV and ABC iview – Saturday 18 November, 2023 at 7.30pm (season final)

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Shakespeare and Hathaway on ABC

Shakespeare and Hathaway on ABC