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Frank (Mark Benton) and Lu (Jo Joyner) find themselves transported into the world of trainspotting when hired to investigate paranormal activity at the house of lottery winner and rail enthusiast, Leroy King (David Nellist).

Leroy’s adamant that he’s being visited by his dead son’s ghost, while his model fiancée, Katherine (Katharine Bennett-Fox), is desperate for him to let go of this fantasy so they can move on with their lives.

The PIs have to tread carefully and convince him otherwise. But even they are stumped by the case – who would break into the house unnoticed, play with model trains and leave with nothing of value?

Meanwhile, going undercover as a trainspotter, Sebastian (Patrick Walshe McBride) discovers bad blood between Leroy and fellow trainspotters Owen and Eddie Falconbridge (Barry Aird & Frankie Fox) ever since his lottery win.

Can the gang solve the mystery of these break-ins and get Leroy to finally give up the ghost?

Production credit: A BBC Studios production for BBC.

Shakespeare and Hathaway on ABC TV and ABC iview – Saturday 11 November, 2023 at 7.30pm

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Shakespeare and Hathaway on ABC

Shakespeare and Hathaway on ABC