Secrets of the Tower of London on SBS – Secrets of The Tower Of London returns to reveal what goes on behind the walls of the United Kingdom’s best loved historic attraction.

2022 was truly momentous year for the Tower and the Beefeaters. They pulled out all the stops to celebrate the Tower’s first ever Platinum Jubilee in 1000 years, including their biggest installation since the Poppies commemorating the WWI. Superbloom is an enormous undertaking involving the transformation of the Tower moat into a huge floral display in honour of Her Majesty.

As well as celebrating over 1000 years of incredible British history on the home front, the close-knit Tower community give their brand-new boss, the Constable, an arrival to remember, the third ever female warder is sworn into the Beefeaters’ illustrious ranks, and Ravenmaster Chris Skaife keeps a close eye on his cheeky birds to make sure they don’t steal the tourists’ lunch.

And as autumn arrives the royal bodyguard of Yeoman Warders come together to commemorate one of the saddest moments in the Tower’s history, the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, before announcing the formal proclamation of the new King Charles.

Season Five, Episode Six:

On September 8, 2022, news arrives that will change the Tower – and the United Kingdom’s – history forever.

The death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is announced after 70 years on the throne.

It’s a time of deep sadness for the Tower staff and for the Yeoman Warders, some of whom have met the Queen in their role as royal bodyguard.

As a Royal Palace, with special links to the Royal Household, the Tower enters a two-week official period of mourning.

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