Scotland’s Extreme Medics on SBS – This ground-breaking medical documentary series returns for a second season, taking the viewer direct to the frontline of trauma.

Join us as we follow elite clinicians as they race to deliver complex, life-saving treatment in some of the most challenging landscapes in Scotland. With exclusive access to the Scottish Trauma Network, each program follows super-skilled medics as they use helicopters and rapid-response cars to deliver advanced hospital treatment at the scenes of the most serious of accidents, no matter where they are.

Season Two, Episode One:

An Air Ambulance is dispatched to the Scottish Island of Mull where 23-year-old rally driver Scott has rolled his car down a 20-foot embankment. Whilst in Glasgow City Centre, the Trauma Team fight to save the life of 40-year-old Kenneth, after he was hit by a bus and dragged under the wheels. Meanwhile, the Coastguard helicopter fly to a remote sea loch to attempt to rescue 45-year-old Sally, who has fallen 15 feet down a waterfall.

Scotland’s Extreme Medics on SBS and SBS on Demand – New Season Premiere – Monday, 9 October at 8.30pm

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Scotland's Extreme Medics on SBS