RFDS on Channel 7 – With Dolly Hardon’s (Trevor Ashley) inaugural drag extravaganza, what is supposed to be a night of fun for the RFDS team and the Broken Hill community quickly descends into chaos when a bad batch of MDMA is found to be doing the rounds.

Eliza (Emma Hamilton) is eagerly awaiting a visit from Henry (Ash Hodgkinson), as she and Pete (Stephen Peacocke) attend to a couple of drag queens who’ve crashed on their way to Dolly Hardon’s (Trevor Ashley) inaugural drag extravaganza in town.

That is complicated by the diversion to a charismatic flying vet Rhys who quickly develops a spark with Eliza, throwing Pete off kilter. Pete gets them successfully to the party, which begins as a night of fun for the RFDS team and Broken Hill community.

A searching Leonie (Justine Clarke) grows closer to Graham (Rodney Afif), as Taylor (Sofia Nolan) finally is allowed to be a teenager and let her hair down with Cameron (Jack Kenny) and friend Marla (Adelaide Darvall).

But the night descends into chaos when it becomes apparent that some dodgy MDMA is doing the rounds, causing Pete and the rest of the crew to kick into gear.

Pete’s animosity towards Cameron reaches a boiling point as Pete blames him for the drugs, but in doing so Pete breaches patient confidentiality and in so doing jeopardises not only his relationships with Taylor and Chaya (Emma Harvie) but also his job. Meanwhile, a very pregnant Mira (Ash Ricardo) and Matty (Jack Scott) help Dolly track down her missing mother.

RFDS – Tuesday 26 September at 9:15pm at Channel 7 and 7plus

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About the Show

The series opens with the arrival of the new Senior Medical Officer Dr Eliza Harrod (Emma Hamilton). After a successful career as an Emergency Physician at a London Hospital, Eliza arrives with her teenage son Henry (Ash Hodgkinson), determined to escape her past and start a new life. Only days into the job, Eliza finds herself at the forefront of a catastrophic emergency retrieval that will change everything.

As she navigates the fallout, while continuing her highly skilled work, Eliza finds herself questioning the very core of who she is and who she wants to be. Meanwhile, Flight Nurse Pete Emerson (Stephen Peacocke) finds himself in tumultuous new territory when his family is involved in an unthinkable tragedy. Thrust into new responsibility as the guardian to his orphaned niece Taylor (Sofia Nolan), Pete finds himself questioning his ability as he comes to terms with unthinkable grief and loss…

Ambitious and driven, Dr Wayne Yates (Rob Collins) is a gifted doctor who has always strived for excellence. Determined to repair his relationship with his teenage son, Darren (Thomas Weatherall), Wayne will struggle to overcome the devastating loss of a patient who is a friend, while navigating his relationship with Pilot Mira Ortez (Ash Ricardo).

Bright, vivacious and compassionate, Base Manager Leonie Smith (Justine Clarke) is the master conductor of the of the team, keeping the planes flying and her doctors in the sky.

Filmed on location in and around Broken Hill, this series captures the beauty and brutality of Australia’s vast centre where the doctors, nurses, pilots and support staff of the RFDS negotiate the unique challenges of emergency retrievals across some of the most inhospitable places in the country.

It’s a series about community and people coming together to laugh, to cry and to triumph, in spite of the huge obstacles they face. They are the ones you meet in your worst possible moment. And that moment is one they face every single day.

RFDS on Channel 7