This week on Q+A, The Reserve Bank is showing no signs of ending its cycle of rate hikes just yet, despite pressure and upbeat talk from our politicians.

But are the wrong people being penalised by the rises? Is this the best way to tackle inflation? Are we running headlong into a recession?

Meanwhile, tensions are rising between the US and China over the shooting down of a spy balloon. As warfare becomes ever more sophisticated – will artificial intelligence become the primary weapon in a country’s arsenal? The AUKUS agreement includes a focus on AI, but what does this mean for Australia?

Also how much do you know about ChatGPT – the AI chatbot that can have human-like conversations, answer questions and help write essays or code. Some schools have banned the technology while others are embracing it. But with Google and Microsoft setting up their own versions, how realistic is a ban? How can we unlock its potential while managing the dangers?

All this plus the news of the week.

Joining Stan Grant on the panel:

Jon Sopel, British journalist and host of daily podcast The News Agents 
Anne Aly, Minister for Early Childhood Education and Minister for Youth
Keith Wolahan, Liberal Member for Menzies
Dorinda Cox, Greens Senator for WA
Toby Walsh, Chief Scientist, AI Institute, UNSW
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