Q+A on ABC TV – This week on Q+A… charting the future of science and technology. We’ll take a glimpse at what’s to come – from artificial intelligence to outer space, quantum physics to scientific breakthroughs… and what they mean for us.

From the classroom to the boardroom, AI is being integrated into our ways of working. How will this impact the next generation? With generative systems advancing rapidly, what does that mean for education, health and defence? Will machines start to do the thinking for us?

With the world facing turbulent and uncertain times, from war to climate change and economic fragility, what role does innovation play in addressing these wicked problems? And are we doing enough in Australia to support the kind of bold ideas we need to help solve them?

We’re bringing together a panel of big thinkers to unpack these thorny issues – and inspire us with what’s possible.

Q+A is live from Melbourne tonight, Monday October 30, at 9.35pm AEDT.

Joining Patricia Karvelas on the panel live in Melbourne:

Doug Hilton, CSIRO Chief Executive

Catriona Wallace, Founder, Responsible Metaverse Alliance

Toby Walsh, Chief Scientist, AI Institute, UNSW

Angharad Yeo, Science & Technology Journalist

Michael Biercuk, CEO, Q-CTRL and Professor at University of Sydney

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Q+A on ABC TV and ABC iviewMonday at 9.35pm AEST

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