Tonight on Q+A… one year on from the invasion that shook the world. Russia’s offensive in Ukraine has transformed the global landscape – economically, strategically and politically – so what happens next?

The US President’s visit to Kyiv has sent a signal to Vladimir Putin, but just how far will the international community go to support Ukraine’s fight?

As economic woes continue to put pressure on households at home and abroad, how much appetite is there for countries to spend more on a war that is so far away? And with no end to the conflict in sight, how long can Ukraine count on its international allies?

In the US, politicians are already positioning themselves for the 2024 White House race. Will Donald Trump again prevail as Republican candidate? Or is the party moving on? Joe Biden seems likely to run again, but how much damage will a struggling economy inflict on his presidency? 

And here at home, the government is facing pressure over energy, cost of living – and proposed changes to superannuation that will have huge tax implications for all Australians. How will Labor tackle these problems? How much is actually within their control?

Joining Stan Grant on the panel:

Vasyl Myroshnychenko, Ambassador of Ukraine to Australia
Sarah McBride, US State Senator
Pat Conroy, Minister for International Development and the Pacific
George Brandis, Professor at the National Security College, ANU
Sharan Burrow, Former General Secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation

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