Putin and the West on SBS and SBS – From the 2014 seizure of Crimea to the invasion of Ukraine, this is the inside story of a decade of clashes – as told by the Western leaders who traded blows with Putin’s Russia.

Series One, Episode Three: A Dangerous Path

This episode takes us right up to the moment Putin launches his invasion of Ukraine. From an audacious poisoning in the British city of Salisbury to clashes with Donald Trump over nuclear missiles and fiery rhetoric aimed at NATO, the Russian President ramps up his aggression towards the West.

And when Putin sets his sights on taking Ukraine, Western leaders reveal their secret meetings and crisis summits as they try to pull Putin back from the brink.

Putin and the West on SBS – Final Episode – Thursday, 15 June at 8.30pm on SBS and SBS on Demand (3 Parts)

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Putin and the West on SBS