The gated community of Jordnära is covering its tracks after discovering an infiltrator among them.

The damage caused by the partisan has changed the conditions for the community, who suddenly face challenging financial times, forcing them to make some drastic decisions to keep their insidious plan alive.

At the same time, they’re trying to find the lost sisters to bring Jordnära back to its former glory. However, their plans face resistance when a suspicious accident with connections to Jordnära occurs, making the local police launch an investigation.

What seems like an accident hides more than expected, and while digging closer to the truth, the reality they face gets darker than imagined.

Season Two, Episode Four: Polish Flower

Maud is tormented by her past, and she can no longer escape the truth. It’s time for her to face her demons. Meanwhile, an unexpected suicide is reported in Jordnära. Once again, the police visit the community – this time, they are getting closer to the unimaginable truth that has stayed buried for a long time.

Partisan – New Episode – Monday, 13 February at 10.50pm on SBS and SBS on Demand (5 Parts)