Nemesis on ABC –  A dramatic inside story of ambition, betrayal and revenge. This landmark docuseries is a riveting account of the nine years of Coalition government, multiple leadership coups, internal wars over policy, three dramatic elections, and a global pandemic which turned Australian politics on its head.

The Abbott Years

When Tony Abbott swept to power with a thumping victory over the Labor government in 2013 his future seemed assured. As the ultimate political warrior, he’d brought the Coalition back into power with a devastatingly effective campaign promising to ‘stop the boats’, ‘axe the tax’, ‘reduce the debt’ and ‘end the waste’. But in just under two years, he was removed as prime minister. So how did it all go so wrong so quickly?

In this episode, Tony Abbott’s allies and enemies take us through those tumultuous years, where successes were overshadowed by a politically disastrous first Budget to eye popping moments of onion eating, shirtfronting and the infamous “captain’s call” to bring back knights and dames.

As the prime minister stumbled, there were others waiting in the wings. His long-time rival Malcolm Turnbull, and his backers, talk in vivid detail about how they planned and executed a stunning political coup.

Production credit: An ABC NEWS Production. Reporter/interviewer Mark Willacy. Series Producer Caitlin Shea. Executive Producer Morag Ramsay. Head of Investigative Journalism and Current Affairs Jo Puccini.

Nemesis on ABC and ABC iview – Monday 29 January, 2024 at 8.00pm

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Nemesis on ABC

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Nemesis on ABC
Nemesis on ABC