Nemesis on ABC –  A dramatic inside story of ambition, betrayal and revenge. This landmark docuseries is a riveting account of the nine years of Coalition government, multiple leadership coups, internal wars over policy, three dramatic elections, and a global pandemic which turned Australian politics on its head.

The Morrison Years

Emerging from the wreckage of yet another leadership spill, Scott Morrison is sworn in as Australia’s surprise 30th prime minister. He then faces the enormous task of uniting a fractured party and winning the trust of Australians. Against the predictions of many colleagues, Morrison proceeds to pull off the “miracle” election. Then comes an ill-fated family trip to Hawaii and a global pandemic.

From “I don’t hold a hose” to “It’s not a race”, Scott Morrison explains what was in his mind during those controversial moments of his prime ministership and reflects upon the impact they had, as do his colleagues, in colourful detail.

This episode features senior members of the Morrison cabinet, including former treasurer Josh Frydenberg as well as key former state premiers who give their unvarnished accounts of their dealings with the former prime minister during the covid crisis.

As the health crisis abated, it was time for another election, but this time there would be no “miracle”.

Nemesis: Behind the Scenes 9.30pm (after Media Watch)

Over the past 12 months, Mark Willacy has sat down with the key political players from the Coalition – from backbenchers to Cabinet Ministers to Prime Ministers – and has conducted more than 60 on camera interviews for this landmark ABC News docuseries. Discover what happened behind the scenes as Leigh Sales talks with Mark about the making of Nemesis.

Production credit: An ABC NEWS Production. Reporter/interviewer Mark Willacy. Series Producer Caitlin Shea. Executive Producer Morag Ramsay. Head of Investigative Journalism and Current Affairs Jo Puccini.

Nemesis on ABC and ABC iview – Monday 12 February, 2024 at 8.00pm

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Nemesis on ABC

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Nemesis on ABC
Nemesis on ABC