My Life Online on SBS Viceland – My Life Online profiles people whose experiences with the internet have altered the course of their lives – for better or worse.

Series Two, Episode One: The Instagram “Scammer” Caroline Calloway

Since she formally ‘went dark’ online, the question on the lips of her fans and haters alike, has been “where’s Caroline”? Well we know, and travel to Sarasota, Florida to find Caroline far from the madding crowd.

Her plan is to finally deliver her long promised books but she remains distracted by the constant activity of her trolls who keep an active eye on Calloway’s every move. We spend time with her as she plans to infiltrate a 15k strong Reddit group dedicated to trolling her, and talk to the “people who really hate me”.

Series Two, Episode Two: Erik the Electric

Erik Lamkin describes himself as a guy with a HUGE appetite that LOVES food, but his path to YouTube eating was not easy. Erik first tried a competitive eating competition as an attempt to overcome his fear of food and it proved to him that eating a large amount of food in one sitting wouldn’t change his body.

Today, Erik the Electric has almost 2 million subscribers on his Youtube channel tuning in to watch him eat and follow along in his athletic ventures. What is it like to be an online sensation for the very thing you feared? Is his struggle with food over – or is it an ongoing struggle that he must overcome to pay his bills?

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