Miriam and Alan: Lost in Scotland and Beyond on ABC – “I’m taking you to a drugs den Miriam”. So begins Alan’s mission this episode to expand his travelling companion’s horizons, as the pair begin in a Santa Barbara weed farm.

Legal in the state and run by two vociferous women, Miriam’s anti-drugs stance is challenged as she and Alan get hands on with the product as they discover the medical benefits of cannabis.

Then onward to another eye-opening world, that of the unique city of Palm Springs where a high proportion of the aging population here are LGBTQ +. First stop is Gay-mart, as Alan takes Miriam to “a shop for all your gay needs”, full of mankinis, harnesses, something Miriam thinks is a cake mould, and of course jockstraps.

From a gay knitting group to drag bingo their journey here mixes the flamboyant with the poignant, as they embrace it all and leave happy campers.

Heading to LA, Miriam has a final mission – to take Alan to her favourite Jewish deli for a rendezvous with a young relative she’s been emailing but never met.


Miriam and Alan: Lost in Scotland and Beyond – Thursday 15 June, 2023 at 8.00pm on ABC and ABC iview

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Miriam and Alan: Lost in Scotland and Beyond on ABC