Michael Mosley: Secrets of the Superagers on SBS – In this new landmark 6-part science series, Dr Michael Mosley travels the world to meet extraordinary “superagers” – people who seem to defy the normal rules of ageing.

Michael has recently turned 65 and wants to know the secrets and the science to ageing well. Each episode explores a different aspect of ageing, from the body and brain, to our senses. Through his explorations, he reveals the latest scientific research on what we can all do to live longer, healthier lives, and that thanks to advances in modern science the days of getting old may soon be numbered.

Series One, Episode One: Brain

Michael meets 70 year-old skydiver Dane Kenny and finds out why scientists believe throwing yourself out of a plane at high altitude could improve memory function.

In the US, he meets a scientist who has found that adults can dramatically improve their mental performance by copying the way children learn new skills.

And at the magnificent Shaolin temple in China, the birthplace of kung fu, we learn how meditation can trigger structural changes in the brain that help counteract dangerous levels of stress.

Michael Mosley: Secrets Of The Superagers – New Series Premiere – Wednesday, 8 August at 7.35pm on SBS and SBS on Demand (6 Parts)

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Michael Mosley: Secrets of the Superagers on SBS