Luke Nguyen’s India on SBS – Join acclaimed chef, author, presenter and travel enthusiast, Luke Nguyen for another culinary adventure, this time immersing himself in one of the most exotic places on Earth, India.

Luke circumnavigates Southern India discovering the cuisines, sounds, and colours of this captivating region. Immersing himself in India’s spices, ancient traditions, and unique locations, Luke gets to know local cooks and chefs, experts and loveable characters who introduce him to the wonderful world of Indian cuisine.

Episode One: Bangalore

Luke starts his South Indian Journey in Bangalore! First stop is the coffee house institution, MTR, then Luke gets taught the art of making Idli and explores the night markets with a friend.

Luke Nguyen’s India on SBS and SBS on Demand – New Series Premiere – SBS Commission – Thursday, 5 October at 8.30pm (6 Parts)

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Luke Nguyen's India on SBS