Lost Treasures of Egypt on SBS – Egypt is home to the richest source of archaeological treasures on the planet.

This documentary series follows teams across Egypt on the front line of archaeology, through a full season of excavations. Crawling beneath pyramids, uncovering long lost tombs and unearthing 3000 year-old mummies, the world’s top archaeologists race to unlock the secrets of this ancient civilization.

Season Three, Episode One: Ramses’ Rise to Power

Archaeologists investigate Egypt’s most famous king, Ramses the Great. In front of the world’s oldest pyramid at Saqqara they unearth a labyrinth of tombs and treasures belonging to one of Ramses Generals.

In a necropolis where Ramses Nobles are buried, they enter a new tomb and investigate his most impressive temples to find out how Ramses became the most celebrated pharaoh of all time.

Lost Treasures of Egypt on SBS and SBS on Demand – New Season Premiere – Friday, 27 October at 7.35pm

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Lost Treasures of Egypt on SBS