Kitchen Cabinet on ABC TV – Linda Burney is probably the best example in the Australian Parliament of how profoundly a nation can change in a lifetime.

Burney was born at a time when her Indigenous father did not automatically have the right to vote. She grew up to become the first Indigenous woman to sit in the NSW Parliament, and then the first Indigenous woman to sit in the federal House of Representatives.

On the way, Burney has encountered profound personal adversity, losing her husband and then her son in tragic circumstances.

Production credit: Director Stamatia Maroupas (Ms Represented, The House, Kitchen Cabinet, Queerstralia), Executive Producer Madeleine Hawcroft (The House, Kitchen Cabinet, Back In Time for the Corner Shop), Producer Pauline Ernesto, Associate Producer Brett Worthington Editors Elizabeth Graetz & Sally Moran

Kitchen Cabinet – Tuesday 29 August, 2023 at 8.00pm on ABC TV and ABC iview

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Kitchen Cabinet on ABC TV