Kennedy, Sinatra and the Mafia on SBS – John F Kennedy and Frank Sinatra; they were two of the biggest names in 1960s America.

The pair met for the first time in the Mafia-ran Sands Hotel, Las Vegas, and immediately bonded.

Sinatra provided Hollywood women and glamour, while Kennedy offered the class of high-society. Their shared love for partying and womanising was reckless.

With their criminal connections and Sinatra’s A-list fame, Kennedy became President in 1960. Yet despite helping him into the White House, the Chicago Outfit crime syndicate were acutely targeted by the Kennedy administration and the president abruptly cut all links with the Mafia, including Sinatra. Sinatra was humiliated and the pair never spoke again.

This is the extraordinary story of the friendship between two of the 20th century’s greatest icons; how they met, the women and secrets they shared; and how it all went so horribly wrong.

SBS is airing Kennedy, Sinatra and the Mafia in recognition of the 60th anniversary of JFK’s assassination.

Kennedy, Sinatra and the Mafia on SBS and SBS on Demand – Premiere – Sunday, 5 November at 8.25pm

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Kennedy, Sinatra and the Mafia on SBS