Jackie and Lee: A Tale of Two Sisters on SBS – Jackie and Lee – one sister an icon, the other living in her shadow. This documentary untangles their complex pasts to understand their lives and relationship in the turbulent 60s.

Jackie was a clever child growing up in an upper-class family in New York. Her younger sister Lee was continually trying to emulate her. As the two grew older, a competitive element developed between them.

Lee beat Jackie to the altar in April 1953, but Jackie then snagged the most eligible bachelor in the country, John F. Kennedy. In 1960, Jackie became the First Lady. Tragedy, however, stalked Jackie. In 1963, Robert Kennedy was assassinated. This consuming grief and the following love affairs threatened to break the sisters apart forever.

SBS is airing Jackie and Lee; A Tale of Two Sisters as part of a “60s Month” collection.

Jackie And Lee: A Tale Of Two Sisters on SBS and SBS on Demand – Premiere – Monday, 6 November at 8.30pm

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Jackie and Lee: A Tale of Two Sisters on SBS