In Limbo on ABC – After spending the night on the couch with Freya, Charlie (Ryan Corr) is forced to lie to Nate (Bob Morley) to cover his growing guilt.

Jay (Shabana Azeez), observing the growing domestic nature of Charlie’s presence, warns him about getting too close to Freya.

The tension between Maria (Lena Cruz) and Freya (Emma Harvie) comes to a head, Freya explodes and Maria and Frank (Russell Dykstra) head off.

Niko (Aaron Fa’Aoso) finds out his kids are no longer coming for Christmas and hits the pub and pokies. Charlie wants to support him and on Nate’s urging breaks into Niko’s apartment.

Freya visits the bank to stave off financial ruin and warms to the idea of accepting Shenali’s (Georgina Naidu) offer to move to London. She meets with Wayne (Jordi Webber) and offers to sell him the business.

On the trail of the missing money, Charlie discovers that the address Nate’s watch was sent from was the home of an ex-girlfriend of Nate’s, and believes that Nate must have been having an affair.

In Limbo – Wednesday 21 June, 2023 at 9.00pm on ABC and ABC iview

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In Limbo on ABC